Magnetisch afneembaar Leder Wallet Case Samsung Note 8 - Floater Black

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Magic Wallet Genuine Leder Case for Samsung Note 8

Magic Wallet Genuine Leder Case for Samsung Note 8 is produced in high quality with experience of years by first class workmanship and genuine and meticulous work.

It is a quality product that you will use for a long time by love. If you will get a gift, you can be sure that it will be appreciated.

Product Highlights

Elastic soft plastic was used for phone case part.

The elastic part of the case can be separated from wallet part by its magnet. In addition, back of the case is as our “Flex Cover” cases.

This Leder case is compatible for wireless charge.

It is made by 100% genuine leder. It is a top grain real leder.

High quality materials were used this case with natural leder.

It includes four card slots and one paper money pocket.

It Includes magnetic clip allows for quick fastening and access without any hassle.

This case can protect across to falling down.

You can easily use all the entries (camera, charger, headset, etc.) thanks to this case. 

The Leder we use is 100% natural from its aspect, you can immediately appreciate its quality. Each one of the products is different from each other and they are consummately free of defect, our products are unique for all their positive characteristics and peerless quality. Product’s pictures may slightly differ from the original items.


Magic Wallet Genuine Leder Case is 100% perfect fit with Samsung Note 8.

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