AirPods Leder Case - Rustic Tan met Effect

Merk: Bouletta Case

Productcode: BAC1-Airpod-RST2EF


AirPods Leder Case

With our AirPods Leder Case you can easily carry your AirPods with you everywhere.

This case lets you charge your AirPods easily with its open plug on the bottom.

The subtle smell of Leder that bounces can give you an idea of its quality.

This case can protect your AirPods in case of falling down against harsh structures.

The Leder we use is 100% natural from its aspect; you can immediately appreciate its quality. Each one of the products is different from each other and they are consummately free of defect, our products are unique for all their positive characteristics and peerless quality. Product’s pictures may slightly differ from the original items.